Anton Ushakov

Idea + Fine implementation + Market need = Success

Result-oriented and inventive IT business engineer with many years of experience in creating software and hardware business solutions.


IT business engineer with many years of experience in developing cutting-edge software and hardware solutions using a wide range of technologies on B2B and B2C markets. Professional description from IT perspective is full stack IT engineer with a focus on software development rather than implementation of proprietary software. Created complex high load cloud solutions involving SaaS, PaaS and IaaS models for solving business tasks in different branches of economy.

Inspired by possibilities and intrigued by unexplored technologies. Constantly looking for cross-science solutions during smart conversations and always working hard for things that worth it.

Interests: extreme sports, travel, learning new cultural, social aspects of life of different nations, learn and practice different languages.


Some selected projects are listed here.

Provided information meet requirements to be presented on public. For more projects please contact Anton directly.

Server poke

Application for mobile OS (Android and iOS) for monitoring server statuses over TCP or HTTP(S) (reworked 2021)

Pinging servers with packets over TCP or HTTP protocols to check for health. A simple mobile OS tool for personal use without ads and other garbage. Existing market application had different pros and cons so it was a good idea to make own solution how it was needed.

coming soon

Workflow automation

Python Flask framework based web application for workflow automation, increase of business processes performance, granting operational transparency and making people happier (2018-2019)

Contemporary real business project. Main goal to solve business problems through digital transformation. Everything started from audit of business processes and as result finalized with IT solution and evolving of corporate culture. Material solution came as a software implementation of the business processes automation system with minimal TCO and with huge positive impact for business.

Radio 2.0

Digital two-way radio for special needs (2015-present)

Digital two-way radios on the market became very sophisticated during past 15 years. The world still had no stable working simple-to-use solution for special business needs or personal use. The task was - make a simple two-way digital radio protected device for voice communication on distances up to 10km in any areas (uninhabited or urban) with mesh network support.


Personal device for transmitting video and audio using low-bandwidth data channels (2013-2014)

After 2010 the idea came to make a "remote" assistant with eyes and ears that can be your "avatar" in any point in the world. Decided to create a retail consumer device that can deliver such functional using mobile low-bandwidth channels. As a result the device was created in POC format. Project was closed due to strong competitors on the market - chat messengers added video streaming on mobile devices.


Cloud based high load solution for on-demand provisioning of "heavy" applications (2011-2012)

2010 decade came with the Citrix solution for making IT infrastructure lighter and smoother with VDI and applications on-demand "streaming". At the start of the decade there was a gap - no corporate/personal tool to stream "heavy" applications with OpenGL or DirectX requirements, to be simpler with example "no way to stream Games". That is how "Graphics On Demand" G.O.D. project was born.


Images and moments of life want to keep for future


Always open for communication for mutual benefits.

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